Everything You Need to Know About Data Steward

A professional responsible for the effective management of the enterprise data. Data steward handles a plethora of responsibilities related to data guidelines, data policies, data processing and manages the enterprise’s valuable information in compliance with the regulatory and policy obligations.

Who is a Data Steward?

A data steward ensures that an organization’s data is well managed so that inconsistent mapping does not cause confusion, and it allows the platforms to communicate with each other. Data Steward focuses on data collection, its usage policies and also on implementing across an enterprise. The role of the data steward includes planning, managing, deploying, and maintenance of the data assets. Data stewards help enterprises to take complete control and govern all forms and types of data along with the existing storage of data.

Data Stewardship:

Data Stewardship can be defined as the oversight and management of the enterprise’s data assets which will enable business users with quality data that can be accessed in a compatible way. Data Stewardship focuses on planned coordination and implementation of data usage.

Roles of Data Stewardship:

Undoubtedly, Data Stewardship is an essential part of Data Governance that represents the allotment of specific roles and responsibilities within the enterprise for the purpose to supervise the resourcefulness of an Executive steering committee. Data Steward focuses on improving the security and accessibility of enterprise data.

With a well-implemented Data Stewardship model, your enterprise can successfully achieve fully governed data which are defined by:

  • Well known derivation and calculation rules
  • Being standardized in its enterprise name and definition
  • Focusing on the rules that surround creation, usage, and deletion

Some Of the Main Activities of Data Steward do Include

  • Define and describe the elements of enterprise data and data domain values
  • Initiate and authenticate data quality rules
  • Focus on identifying and resolving data quality issues
  • Convert regulatory rules to data rules, policies, and standards
  • Identify and define data security requirements
  • Focus on promoting the use of common reference data, accepted data definitions, and sound data usage practices.
  • Create and maintain business rules, domain values and metadata definitions, etc.
  • Focus on providing accountability for ensuring the consistent and timely collection of data
  • Guide and provide instructions to others on the purpose and use of data
  • Provide usage expertise and data understanding to the projects that need development and further enhancement

The Importance of Data Stewards in Your Enterprise.

  • Data stewards can add more value by creating rules and accountability of data in enterprises with less-defined roles and hierarchies
  • Data stewards encourages the usage of quality data within the organization and focuses on increasing data awareness
  • Data stewards contribute to creating and building data-focused culture
  • An ideal data steward helps to set consistent guidelines which facilities interdepartmental communication effectively and prevents any type of confusion and miscommunication
  • Data Stewards helps to create high quality data that is vital for making trustworthy analyses

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