How Data Governance Helps Transform Data Into Powerful Business Insights?

Every second, a huge amount of data is generated from a plethora of sources globally. There is a greater need for enterprises, on their journey towards digital transformation to establish a common understanding, common terminology, and a consistent view of their data. It is estimated that 463 exabytes of data will be generated globally by the year 2025. As data is a valuable asset, enterprises continue to focus on capitalizing on it with the help of Data Governance which helps to define roles, responsibilities, and processes. The involvement of data, processes, people, enterprises, and technology is crucial in implementing a successful Data Governance. The vital key in getting high-quality data at the very first instance is to have a structure that enables you to channelize, store and communicate the data easily by having a Data Governance Framework. There is a greater need not only to focus and maintain the initial quality of the data but also to maintain its highest standards. Harnessing the power of Data in the present, as well as the future is a constant challenge and an ongoing effort that requires monitoring and maintenance for enterprises by focusing on Data Quality. The success of any Data Governance program can be determined with effective communication amongst business units, information technology and data stakeholders.

Data Governance enables Enterprises in

  • Overcoming incorrect and incomplete data
  • Improving Operational Efficiency
  • Sound-Decision Making
  • Achieving Accuracy with Greater Data Quality
  • Effective Inventory Control
  • Focus on scalability due to consistent data
  • Meeting Regulatory

An Ideal Data Governance Focuses on

  • A policy that defines how your enterprise controls its data and the level of access to people consuming the data and maintaining the Data Governance Framework
  • Definition of the data and its actions
  • Minimizing the risks of data breach and inconsistency
  • Improving the quality and the value of the enterprise’s information and emphasizes creating a common terminology that will enhance the communication
  • Improving communication internally and externally
  • Laying out internal rules for the data use
Amurta enables Enterprises to acquire data that is complete, accurate, accessible and to meet the enterprise goals by focusing on the quality of your data. It also enables to overcome the challenges of Enterprise Data Governance with greater efficiency and accuracy not only in identifying, protecting, and managing the data but also to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), Personal Data Protection Act 2012 (PDPA), Data Assurance to comply with BCBS 239 and other emerging regulations and contribute to next-generation decision making. Amurta’s Data Insights Platform (DIP) is designed to deliver AI-Driven – Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Management Services, Data Trust, Master Data, and Data Compliance Management to name just a few.
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