What is Data Lineage? Top 5 Benefits of Data Lineage

Data lineage is about the origin of the data and where it moves over time. It is related to what happens to the data when it goes through diverse phases and processes.  Data lineage is used to analyze the way the information is used and to track the elements of the information which serves a particular purpose. It can be defined as the process of documenting, understanding, and visualizing the data from its origin to the utilization.

Data lineage helps the user to make sound decisions relying on accurate information which is achieved by using appropriate processes and technology. To ensure the data is consistent and accurate, Data lineage helps the tracking of the data stream from both of the endpoints i.e from origin to destination of the data.

The super 5 W's of Data lineage focuses on the following questions

  • Who created the data?
  • When was the data created?
  • What type of information does the data include?
  • Where is the data located?
  • Why does the data exist?

Many enterprises invest in data lineage as it provides a comprehensive view of enterprise data and ensures the trustworthy data is used to make sound and key business decisions. Enterprises also focus on how data moves through ETL (extract, transform, load ) reports, files, and databases can help enterprises to improve the product life and in this context, Data lineage enables them to provide much-needed information. An ideal data lineage tool creates greater confidence amongst the users.

Let us understand the top 5 benefits of Data lineage

Regulatory Compliance – As the usage of the technology has increased, the database which is used in the technology too, has grown to a greater extent. The increase in the importance of databases has increased data security by preventing any data manipulation and breach of data privacy. Many countries introduced several company laws that require enterprises to disclose necessary information such as the sources of how, when, and where they received a particular database. Data lineage helps enterprises to maintain regulatory compliance more efficiently

Data Visibility –  Data lineage tools enable data experts to organize and sort the data more effectively. Many enterprises communicate with their data through different mediums and it is challenging to segregate the stages of data in any particular system. Data lineage tools make it simple for the data scientist through a visual flow wherein, they can easily assess that particular information.

Valuable InsightsData lineage tools help enterprises in gaining a competitive advantage as they offer insights that will enable marketers to plan their promotional strategies very effectively and contribute to lead generation. The insights include user behavior, demographics, and other data parameters.

Bridging between business and data terminologies– Data experts experience a critical challenge of understanding business terminologies and using them in the database as per the data terminologies. With the use of the data lineage tools, data scientists can understand the specific definitions and the objective behind these terminologies that will enable them to plan and implement them accordingly. This kind of practice not only helps to fix the ambiguity between different terminologies but also saves time and improves efficiency.

Scalability – It is a big challenge to handle huge tons of data that continually increases with the traditional data. Automated data lineage tools help to process, extract and transform the data. Data lineage systems are simple to deploy, monitor and access. The insights and mappings provided by these data lineage tools help data experts of all sorts to predict and make successful decisions for the present and future.

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What is Data Lineage?

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