Master Data Management

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Master Data Management

In this digital era, data is one of the most significant assets for any business. The increasing volume of data in the past few years has made it difficult for companies to manage data efficiently. As companies aim to utilize their data optimally, master data management has become their prime focus.

Master Data Management (MDM) deals with the challenges and opportunities related to unstructured, user-generated, and Machine-generated data.

master data managent


Data Model

Establish the Data model by defining attributes, Enumeration setup, the definition of the model (foreign key-related information), Setting default values to the attributes wherever applicable.

Data Enrichment

DIP helps to assess your master data and do the CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations. This single view is not only used to power more accurate data analysis but is also flexible enough to drive your operational business process.

Mass Processing

Mass Processing

Mass updating the same value for multiple records either by giving the value or by writing SQL queries.

Matching and Merging

Transforming data from a multitude of systems into one single, accurate record through the match-merge concept that helps organizations to identify and resolve duplicate entity records and achieve ‘golden record’.

Measuring and Monitoring DQ

Measuring and Monitoring DQ

DIP MDM allows for analysis of the quality of the records coming in with the operational analytics. User can view the details of passed, failed, and excluded records that can clearly illustrate ways to improve efficiency, compliance, and decreases the cost of operations.



Profiling Master Data  

DIP helps in profiling the data for each master data business entry and it is to be managed centrally in a master data repository. The preferred data quality rules must be analyzed by highlighting the key areas of data discrepancy to estimate the business impact.


Consolidating Data Migration

Consolidation is a key aspect of managing master data. Fusing master data from various siloed heterogeneous IT environments is the customer’s main objective. AMURTA Data Insights Platform provides Data quality services to standardize, cleanse, and match master data attributes during the MDM processes.


Cleanse and Govern

Post consolidation of the Master data can be cleansed and governed where cleansing involves standardizing, error correction, matching, de-duplication, and augmentation of the data where governing involves data definition, data quality rules, definition, privacy and regulatory policies, auditing, and access controls.



The ability to integrate and synchronize master data information with existing systems, enterprise applications, repositories, and masters. 



MDM creates a single version of the truth about every master data entity. This data has all operational and analytical systems across the enterprise. The key insights will have gleaned from the master data for effective decision making.



Having high data quality standards and using validated data, businesses can take fast and correct decisions, increasing their overall performance. 

Better Customer

Cohesive customer experience is gained by a better understanding of customers and their needs by viewing their Historical Data.

Master Data

Can automatically detect duplicate records quickly and create a “golden record” for your key master data objects.

Reduction ​

 MDM implementation protects your operations, processes, and information. This can reduce the cost up to 40%

Fast-Track Your
Business Processes

 By placing data in one central location and Integrating business data, you can speed up processes and increase efficiency and cut down on wait times.


With one Central Data repository, it is easy to extract, analyze the data, and make well-informed decisions.

Better Data

MDM application decreases the chances of security breaches and regulatory non-compliance.

Faster Turn

MDM solutions not only automate the process of obtaining error-free data but also saves an enormous amount of time.



  • A leading Retail Customer.

Use Case

  • Improve the Data Quality and omni channel experience for their consumers .

Business Challenge

  • Automate multiple source data processing using a single platform.
  • Need to maintain a single source of truth by matching and merging the duplicate records.
  • Managing future data enrichment in a robust and faster way.

Project Requirements

  • Create an MDM implementation to maintain Consumer (individual) and Customer (Business) records.
  • Integration of different source data.
  • Cleansing the data with given business validation data quality rules.
  • Defining the data management strategy to master current and future consumers and customer data.

Solution Highlights

  • Created an automated process to integrate for the data collected from multiple sources.
  • Managing the Data Quality requirements for the selected attributes in Data Asset through the standard business validation rules.
  • Assessing the quality of the data source by generating operational reports.
  • Data model to support the feeding source system with require changes as per the business requirement so that further transactions can be initiated without any confusion.
  • Easy edit for Master data through MDM data Browser.
  • Different data models for various specifications as per business (e.g. Customer, Partner, Sales, etc.)


  • Supported in managing the operational metrics as per business validation rules.
  • Reduced the time taken to view all merged consumers' information as per their corresponding roles with the compilation of multiple source data.


  • Key metric information was provided in near real-time to business executives.
  • Related operational Dashboard updated.
  • Business found the number of consumers with specific consumer role to improve the performance in Sale.
  • Improved business resource optimization.


If you have queries  we are ready to discuss how our Data Insights Platform can help you in improving your organization governance process.

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