Embed Sustainable Solutions into the Culture, Reform Capital and Liquidity, and Fulfill Regulatory Demands


Risk management empowers significant decisions, from regulating corporate strategy, to handle major projects, to operational decision-making. With trustworthy, timely, and latest information on risk (both the positive and negative capability) individuals can make standard conclusions. This enables additional risk-intelligent management, which can manage optimized and sustained performance.

Setup a Firmwide Risk Technology Principle

Improve legacy procedures with an innovative risk framework that reinforce flexible, high-standard data, Workplan, analytics, and publish

Incorporate Risk and Finance Modeling

A standard platform supports SLIK, IFRS9, GDPR, PDPA, and CCPA regulatory requirements along with organization stress testing

Accomplish Prime-Custom Model Risk Management Compliance

Complete transparency and pre-defined governance processes facilitate your compliance significance and provide institutional liability

Enhance Regulatory Risk Management Methods for Basel III/IV Compliance

Data Insights Platform supports compliance for all regulatory risk management policies, including regulatory capital, liquidity risk, and BCBS 239.

Enrich Credit Risk Management Techniques Throughout the Data Life Cycle

Systematically and productively manage the continuous credit risk management process – from creation to portfolio management, and from collections to recovery.

Integrate Artificial Intelligence


Apply AI and Machine learning for credit scoring, capital enhancement, backtesting, and model authorization and reg tech.


Regulatory Risk Management

Assure well-organized credit risk analysis with up to date, reliable regulatory reporting, and regulatory capital Optimization.

Fulfill the requirements for credit risk analytics, generate integrated data, modeling, and importing infrastructure for measuring and reporting on credit and counterparty risk.

Risk Governance

Achieve a universal, organization-wide perspective of your risk profile and internal lead status.

Establish transparency and recommend inline principles with a unified model inventory and model risk management configuration.

Generate reliable, in response to a request regulatory and management reports based premium data.

Govern crucial operational risk and compliance methods with a self-documenting solution that ensures accurate results and referable for management and regulators.

Forecasting Capital

Minimizing the number of stress testing cycles so that you can concentrate on value-added activities.

Challenging the opportunities and the risks with powerful tools and reporting capabilities that accelerate financial planning to predict the way and develop for the unanticipated.

Enhance transparency and auditability with adaptable framework automation and implant controls Initiate new procedures, methodologies, and scenarios as requirements revamp.

Credit Risk Management

Frame, test, and deploy credit risk models quickly – without any hassle.

Robust management of corporate IP with an intuitive interface that makes it easy to collaborate with project artifacts variables, etc.

Formulate better lending recommendations by using a broad range of trust index scoring reports of risk exposures to assets.

Minimizing the model risk by improving the performance throughout the model life cycle.

Deploy framework-based risk analytics to pretend risk exposures and recommend financial planning.

Create regulatory estimates in a centralized, controlled environment.


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