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With the growing digitization, data has become a key part of the banking, financial, and Insurance Industry area. The key challenges of these organizations are to provide the customer with better customer experience, omnichannel seamless services, build trust and help the customer with a variety of products and services that suit the player’s requirements whether it is an organizational customer, an individual consumer who may play a role of customer, agent, producer, member or even re-insurance company.

Amurta’s Data Insights Platform is a comprehensive platform that can help you implement and accelerate your digital transformation initiatives to perceive customers, Markets, Business scope, and risks. Explore how DIP can address your requirements related

Lead the transformation with Amurta’s Data Insights Platform

Data Quality and Trust Index :

Know your data trust for the critical data elements instantaneously, manage the business rules that are important for your business and let DIP the work for you to provide you with the Data Trust Index

  • Accelerated data onboarding process for all data areas such as customers, bank locations, charge types, producers, agents, loans, credit cards, and many more
  • Identify the critical data elements, provide role-based access to manage
  • Use built-in Drag and drop the business rules or use the recommendations based on the AI-Driven context-based recommendations
  • Instant Know the trust index for all the Critical Data Elements with trending
  • Take corrective actions, stewardship process to further improve data quality
  • Provide feedback to source systems data owners
  • Provide automated data quality metrics

Master Data Management and Reference Data Management:

DIP helps you to create a single view of your customers, products, locations, producers, agents, and many other key players in your organizations business operations

  • Deduplicate data, create survivor rules, and create a single customer view
  • Help provide household, organizational view
  • Create a reference data store for key data elements for the enterprise
  • Support Customer 360 and Product 360 view
    • To drive a comprehensive view and help several initiatives such as personalized marketing
    • Improve marketing interactions
    • Create customer segmentation
    • Identify Loss given defaulters and many more

Metadata and Data Catalog:

Accelerate your data catalog efforts with DIP. With easy and interactive screens that help users

  • Perform data domain discovery, data profiling
  • Understand data lineage and get a complete view of metadata
  • Use the pre-built business glossary to help manage the catalog process

Data Governance, Privacy, Compliance:

  • Accelerate data governance implementation
  • Pre-built business glossary for all the common data elements of BFSI industry organizations
  • Single repository for all the policy management
  • Policy automation to transform the policies into actionable tasks and track progress
  • Consent management, purpose-based personal data management, Role-based data access management for privacy data
  • Data governance stewardship for continuous improvements
  • Operational cockpit view of all the data governance metrics


If you have queries  we are ready to discuss how our Data Insights Platform can help you in improving your organization governance process.

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