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Enabling data-driven Retail with the power of data insights

Retail is an ever-evolving industry with an explosion of consumerism, transitioning from traditional retail behaviour with the millennials and now with gen-z, data-driven initiatives have become the most important catalyst for redefining the future direction and focus.

Accurate data sights rely on the qualitative trusted data, insights that rely on quality data can help retail enterprises the margin over standard competitors. Retailers rely on quality consumer data for forecasting consumer purchasing behaviour, targeted marketing, and improving supply chain efficiencies. While the organization’s reliance on trusted data is increasing, organizations also looking for a platform that allows for efficient data-management while maintaining compliance and privacy concerns to maintain brand honesty and customer confidence. Amurta’s Data Insights Platform strengthens data-driven retail with a modern data platform that helps to automate the data quality, provide the data trust, help implement compliance, protect consumer data privacy, scalable data governance framework, and discover untapped data-driven opportunities with advanced Data Governance metrics.

Retail data related challenges

Multiple touchpoints​
Retailers data is distributed among POS, Online, third party systems with known low-quality issues. Deriving actionable data-driven insights from these silos of the system is even more crucial to create and drive customer behaviour, purchase psyche, past, and current brand interaction patterns and predict the future possibilities
Data Ownership
Though the reliance on data is increasing, most organizations still do not have matured data ownership processes. The management of data, business rules that govern data quality and consistency are being driven by different stakeholders, making data ownership and governance is an ongoing problem
Data Security and Privacy​
Unauthorized access to customer personal data has a huge impact and costs retailers immensely; that includes the brand reputation, customer trust, and engagement.
Data enrichment ​
Onboarding the data coming from systems needs to be reviewed against the business rules to know the enrichment requirement
Reactive Approach

It is not common to observe a reactive approach to data management in several organizations, which creates further silos on actions, often wait until specific issues arise. This is one of the important issues most retail organizations face, as they are unaware of the problems till it is exploded.

Impact of new privacy regulations

The ever-growing data from internal and external systems combined with the ever-growing new privacy laws  make it difficult for retail organizations to manage, govern the policy implementation .

Empowering Data-driven Retail with a Modern
and Robust Data Governance Platform

The Increased vision of your Customers through Data Governance Stewardship

The Data Governance Stewardship system helps in addressing data issues, data curation so that the retail data stays relevant, up-to-date, and consistent across the multitude of sales and marketing platforms with AMURTA’s DIP Data Governance Stewardship.

Prompt Customer relation Optimization through Data Governance

A robust governance platform that leverages data pipelines, easy to configure access and governance rule, help in regulatory policy enforcement on the source data, data in motion through several layers of data platforms that retail organizations adopt to analyze customer data. The powerful features of the platform make data analysis, compliance easy, accurate, and quick with AMURTA’s DIP Data Governance Platform

Data Centralization with Master Data Management

The digitization efforts for retailers start with creating a single customer view. With powerful AMURTA’s DIP MDM platform, address the typical challenges related to the data model visibility, data deduplication, match and merge and survivorship automation, business users involvement with interactive UI features and publishing capabilities


If you have queries  we are ready to discuss how our Data Insights Platform can help you in improving your organization governance process.

Retail Data Related Challenges


Enabling data-driven Retail with the power of data insights