The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Data Governance

Data is a critical component for organizations across verticals. But it needs to be regulated by the enterprises so that they can use it effectively and legitimately. For this very reason, you need data governance to ensure that enterprises adhere to policies, procedures and processes. Besides, it also helps enterprises to derive insights from the Data and achieve the results they desire by treating data properly and ethically.

The importance of Using Artificial Intelligence in Data Governance.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) plays a vital role by acting as an enabler for enterprises to leverage data effectively and precisely. In addition, AI helps enterprises in identifying cyber threats and, at the same time, empowers them in obtaining data that is appropriate for their requirements. At the time when Cyber threat emerges, AI selects the pattern after having learnt the algorithms of the system and notifies the authorities beforehand. AI enables a lot of automation in the privacy, compliance and security of data. Thus, enterprises can rely endlessly as they will be round- the-clock on watch over the Data communications.

AI also ensures that enterprises source data without violating guidelines laid down by the industry, such as HIPAA and GDPR. Prior to that, data governance necessitates that data is secured and its quality is maintained by all the entities using it. For instance, AI informs users to take action on certain types of data. They also mandate what type of action is required for data of a particular type. Finally, they also lay down certain processes for executing an action.

By using AI, enterprises can also learn where certain data is being sourced from and how it was processed. This piece of information would be essential for organizations to know if they are following the right path to achieve the results they set out to achieve. For instance, an Insurance company requires accurate analytical report to know how many customers are renewing their life insurance policies with their company. Hence, Data Governance through its Intake processes ensures that the report generated is accurate as per the policies and data quality standards. AI helps in regularizing data governance. Further, best code of conduct for organizations can be  maintained. To know more, just request a demo by filling up the details.

Data Governance is made simpler with AI – With AI assistance, data governance can smoothly function with policy engine, business glossary, Orchestration engine, Governance stewardship and Governance metrics.

According to research, 85% of business experts believe that AI is a strategic competency today. It works for a longer duration. Apart from improving data quality, reliability and accuracy, to make efficient decision making in business activities, organizations entail the responsibility of the data security and privacy of its customers as there is an increase in the awareness of Data Rights. Appropriate data governance strategies include ensuring the reliability of Data source, smooth data integration, holistic understanding of client’s requirements, fulfilling the Government regulations, enhancing data management bridged with compliance, security, and legal issues.

AI helps Data Governance to

  • Engage and empower people
  • Work wisely safely
  • Respect privacy and protect data
  • Algorithm accountability

Contributes to Innovation – With the large amounts of data being added every moment, data handling issues creeps in. It is impossible for a human resource to keep track of all records of data 24/7. It’s indeed a time consuming process. But through AI’s unique capability of identifying and understanding previous data practices, is able to adapt accordingly to data Governance policies. It also prevents access to confidential data by unknown parties and makes sure that the always a right user is able to access.

The scope for innovation is much higher in Data Governance by using AI. It  helps in smart decision making by enhancing customer experience and by solving complex business challenges.

Hence, at the breach of current situation rather than more sought of policies, rules and regulations, it needs to focus on improving data management and internal-external communication of the organizations. Amurta’s Data Insights Platform (DIP) is designed to deliver AI driven – Data Governance, Data Quality, Data Trust, Master Data and Reference Data Management Services. DIP provides a one-stop solution for organizations’ data governance, risk, and compliance management. To know more information and for any queries please contact  +1 888 840 0098 and you can email us at, we will be happy to assist you.