Discover how we helped a leading Indonesin Bank by providing Data Quality Services.


Customer of a leading Indonesian Bank.

Use Case

Identifying the Unique Customer Reference from multiple sources for Regulatory and MIS purposes.

Business Challenge

  • Automate multiple source data processing using a single platform.
  • Ability to process the data conversion accurately during the 2011 migration.
  • Managing future data processing in a robust and faster way.

Project Requirements

  • Create process to validate existing KTP or NPWP.
  • Robust validation on information i.e., Province, City, DOB, Gender, etc.
  • Assessing the quality of data captured in individual attributes i.e., Name, address, gender, DOB, POB, marital status, NPWP, Driver's license and Passport.
  • Knowing the trust index score for the data conversion during the 2011 migration.

Solution Highlights

  • Created an automated process to integrate the data collected from multiple sources.
  • Managing the Data Quality requirements for the selected attributes in Data Asset through the standard validation rules.
  • Build an audit and logging functionalities.
  • Assessing the quality of data by generating the trust index score and the reports.
  • Architecture to support feeding the single CIF back into the source system, so that further transactions can be initiated without any confusion.
  • Secondary checks with other Government databases like PEFINDO.
  • Periodic review of KYC for customers based on Risk categorization of the customer (High , Medium, Low) – 6 months, 12 months and 24 months once, through internet banking/mobile banking, mailers.


  • Supported in Identifying the unique and robust Customer Reference from multiple sources.
  • Reduced the time taken to view the complete customer view with a compilation of multiple source data.


  • Key metric information was provided in near real-time to business executives.
  • Related Dashboard and reports updated in Data Governance Metrics.
  • Over 90% improvement in Data Quality.
  • Improved business resource optimization.


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Discover how we helped a leading Indonesian Bank by providing Data Quality Services.

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